Top Features of the New Collection Management Services Website


Top Features of the New Collection Management Website

At Collection Management Services, we work hard to meet our customers’ needs in the simplest ways. That’s why we have launched a new website with innovative components geared toward helping to streamline several of our processes.

We have been in business for more than 60 years because of our focus on quick and efficient debt collection and account receivable management for our clients.

Here are several components of our new web platform that we are most excited to share with our customers!

Accounts Receivable Management

We provide accounts receivable management services through our associated company Account Billing Services. This low cost service provides early out and pre-collection services for accounts that are not current with their payments but haven’t been placed for collection yet.

This is a smart and cost effective option for companies that shifts focus from outstanding accounts to the overall office dynamics.

The management system includes payment reminders and assistance to tailor a flexible payment plan. In no time, your office efficiency will be soaring and your overhead will be declining!


We developed the eCollect system to provide an online collection account entry platform. eCollect provides an easy to use and quick solution to account turnovers.

The adaptable system allows users to submit an individual account or multiple accounts simultaneously to save additional time.

This exclusive system can be accessed by our clients and existing customers can register by contacting us at 800-645-8792.

Online Payment

With a couple of clicks, you can pay toward your debt without dealing with mailing payments.

You can pay off your entire account or submit a monthly payment through our new online payment portal. Simply enter all the required information in each field and proceed to the next screen. You can also have a receipt emailed to you or print one for your records.


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