Why Customers Prefer CMS Online Payment Services


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Collection Management Services takes pride in creating happy customers. That’s why we offer the most convenient payment options, including online payment services, to help you collect your accounts receivable while saving your customers some hassle. Here’s why your customers will be pleased with their experience and continue doing future business with you!

Our online bill pay makes it easy to stay current on payments. One reason why customers fall behind on bills is because they simply feel overwhelmed by the payment process. With our online payment option, there is no need to stress over envelopes, postage, or mailing a check ahead of time to reach its destination before the payment deadline. In fact, our online option is completely paperless. Users can easily navigate the “Pay Online” tab on our website to log into their accounts and make payments. We can also email customers’ receipts once payment is confirmed so that users don’t have to keep track of paper receipts, and if a customer needs to look at previous bills, he can easily access them online.

Online payments can help save your customers money. Nothing is more frustrating than remembering you have a bill due the next day with no way to pay it on time. Late or missed payments can result in late fees that make payments more challenging for customers struggling to pay off debt. With online payment, customers can clear their monthly payments almost instantly after submission. This will also help customers avoid their accounts going into the collection process. Not to mention, cutting out postage stamps is a money-saver on its own!

Our online payment portal is reliable and secure. Users can pay their bills with confidence through our trusted website without having to risk sending a check in the mail. Payments are monitored closely by the CMS staff to ensure that you’re account is updated immediately to reflect a timely payment. The availability of electronic statements also gives customers immediate assurance that their payments have been received and processed correctly. Online payments come with a sense of instant relief that can’t be found in a mailed check.

Help your customers simplify their bill payments by encouraging them to take advantage of our online payment option. For more information about the online payment process, click here, send your questions to info@collectionmgt.com, or call us at 1-800-645-8792.

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