Collection Services

Collection Management Services, Inc. will accept accounts for collection by internet, direct import , fax or mail.   We will provide your company with an acknowledgment of accounts placed.   Our company reports all accounts to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian on a monthly basis.  This information remains on the consumer’s credit history for seven years from the date of first delinquency.  A collection account listed on a consumer’s credit history can provide leverage in collecting the outstanding debt.

There are circumstances in which our company will be unable to recover outstanding receivables through our normal collection procedures. If this is the case and we are able to verify address, employment, assets and certain other items, we will handle the legal documentation and, with your approval will forward it to an attorney for processing.

Our company maintains a valid Trust account, and all funds are placed in this account. Our disbursements are made to our clients once a month. We do ask that if payment is received at your location directly from the consumer that you please contact our office to report the payment. This will ensure proper accounting and updating of records for both parties.