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5 Steps Toward Recovering a Bad Check – Collection Management Services




















Every once in a while, your business will be faced with a situation involving a bad check. Some businesses have given up on checks because it can be a hassle to collect money from bad checks. For the businesses that still accept checks as a valid form of payment, there are still relatively hassle-free solutions that can help prevent the chances of receiving a bad check. When the occasional incident occurs, Collection Management Services is here to remind you that […]

Why Customers Prefer CMS Online Payment Services

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Collection Management Services takes pride in creating happy customers. That’s why we offer the most convenient payment options, including online payment services, to help you collect your accounts receivable while saving your customers some hassle. Here’s why your customers will be pleased with their experience and continue doing future business with you!

Our online bill pay makes it easy to stay current on payments. One reason why customers fall behind on bills is because they simply feel overwhelmed by the payment […]