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3 Guides to Collecting a Debt – Collection Management Services

For small and big businesses alike, sometimes the biggest challenge can be collecting a debt. But, as is often the case, being prepared for all of life’s obstacles usually yields the best results. As the old adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Today’s blog entry discusses some pointers we’ve compiled to help you in collecting a debt successfully.

Communicating clearly and concisely with past-due clients is the best course of action in collecting a debt. Also, working with struggling clients can not only lead to paid debts, but lifelong and […]

5 Steps Toward Recovering a Bad Check – Collection Management Services




















Every once in a while, your business will be faced with a situation involving a bad check. Some businesses have given up on checks because it can be a hassle to collect money from bad checks. For the businesses that still accept checks as a valid form of payment, there are still relatively hassle-free solutions that can help prevent the chances of receiving a bad check. When the occasional incident occurs, Collection Management Services is here to remind you that […]

10 Ways to Manage Debt More Responsibly

11:22 pm

The term debt is commonly associated with an extensive list of buzzwords that can make any consumer cringe. Debt can actually be a positive thing, but it does have a way of accumulating quickly when not managed properly.  Many students and adults find themselves overwhelmed by bills past due, credit card payments, loan payments, high interest rates, etc. The key to reducing the financial strain is to take control of one’s own financial future, make a plan, change habits, and stay organized. These tips can help consumers use debt to their advantage.

1. Manage debt to build credit […]