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Why Customers Prefer CMS Online Payment Services

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Collection Management Services takes pride in creating happy customers. That’s why we offer the most convenient payment options, including online payment services, to help you collect your accounts receivable while saving your customers some hassle. Here’s why your customers will be pleased with their experience and continue doing future business with you!

Our online bill pay makes it easy to stay current on payments. One reason why customers fall behind on bills is because they simply feel overwhelmed by the payment […]

Why It Pays to Manage Your Accounts Receivable  

Ever counted the staff hours you’ve spent in the past month filling out paperwork for outstanding accounts?  Ever compared the time you’ve spent collecting to your time spent selling? The difference may surprise you.

As a business, you already realize the importance of growth. In order to grow, businesses must spend a great amount of time and resources to consistently generate new customers and increase cash flow from month to month.  The obstacle that most companies face is finding the perfect balance, or “sweet spot” between covering necessary expenses and generating enough revenue to make a profit.  Unfortunately […]

Top Features of the New Collection Management Services Website

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At Collection Management Services, we work hard to meet our customers’ needs in the simplest ways. That’s why we have launched a new website with innovative components geared toward helping to streamline several of our processes.

We have been in business for more than 60 years because of our focus on quick and efficient debt collection and account receivable management for our clients.

Here are several components of our new web platform that we are most excited to share with our customers!

Accounts Receivable Management

We provide accounts receivable management services through our associated company […]