Providing consumer and commercial account collection services for over 60 years, Collection Management Services, Inc. is licensed, bonded, and incorporated in the State of Tennessee.


In addition, we offer accounts receivable management services through our subsidiary Account Billing Services, Inc.


Our company’s goal is to treat your business as our own by making sure our staff of professionals are ethical and follow all state and federal laws.  We are committed to collecting your outstanding debts and handling your receivables quickly and efficiently.


We are continuously providing training in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for our employees as well as utilizing the latest collection techniques, the importance of good listening skills and appropriate communication to the consumer.


To help in assisting with questions you have regarding consumer and commercial account receivables, there are some things to consider. 


Collection Management Services, Inc. can pursue outstanding debts as long as they are within the Statute of Limitations.


We generally will accept all types of accounts upon review and our ability to collect.  Our company strives to use the latest software in all areas of pursuit.  Therefore, it is very important that you provide us with all information and demographics pertinent to the account.


With your help in reporting payments made directly to you on the accounts placed with our agency, we can ensure the consumer’s balance is correct.